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Setelah mikir-mikir selama kurang lebih 7 tahun semenjak kelahiran Ajit, akhirnya sy putuskan untuk meninggalkan karir di kantor lama. I was burnt out from my tedious 70-hour work week and now I just want to nurture my kids, pursue my hobby, or chasing new career that really suits my passion. Lucky me, my husband and family support me to took this life-changing decision.

So here I am…struggling to figure out the next phase of my life and career. But one thing I know for sure, first thing first is to start blogging :-).¬†Well, I cannot write actually, hell…if I can’t find any idea to write, I’ll do some doodles. Apapun lah, yang penting ada penampung cadangan bagi isi kepala saya yg banyak mikir (tapi kurang dzikir) ini.

I hope blogging offers me a place to record my finds and ideas, and give me self-satisfaction on documenting my life journey, or maybe share them with others.

Baiklah, sebelumnya mari kita ucapkan…bismillaaaah…